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Black Bean & Licorice - Best Detox Combination

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The section on TCM Theories is a brief introduction to the principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We recommend you to read this section first if TCM is new to you.  You will learn the common terminologies and the different treatment approaches used in TCM which will help you to better understand the recipes in our Recipes Section.

The sections on Foods and Herbs are for listing the nature, characteristics and proven therapeutic effects of some common foods and herbs for information and reference purposes. You just need to browse through the sections to know what are there so that you can come back to find information easily later.

The Recipes Section lists recipes by commonly known health topics/diseases for your quick and easy reference. To select the right recipe(s) under a specific topic, you need to match your symptoms against those that are listed and then match the desired therapeutic effects. The closer the match; the better will be the results. You don’t have to have all of the symptoms to choose a particular recipe. You just need to have the major ones. If in doubt, you should get professional advice from certified Chinese doctors or herbalists.

The Cooking Section is to give basic instructions on how to make different kinds of therapeutic dishes. Since therapeutic cooking is all about efficacy and never about culinary skills, therefore the cooking is real easy and straight forward. You just need to learn the basics once and most probably you will never need to look back at the instructions again.

Although all of our recipes were selected from well documented text of TCM, no information is as valuable as the feedbacks from people who have actually tried them. Please don’t forget to input your feedbacks after using any recipe so that the experience can be shared and helped each other to eat knowledgeably for optimal health.


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