Self-help exercises to promote health


For every living being on earth, human or animal alike, moving is essential for survival. The more one can move, the longer one can live. When one stops moving, the end of life is near.  

Chinese wisdom in longevity puts staying active and exercising as the top priority. The traditional belief is that, "medicine is not as good as food and food is not as good as exercise". Their idea of exercise is very different than what the western world is practicing. There is no need for special tool or equipment or machine or partner. Their exercises are non-competitive in nature, not overly exhaustive and certainly not about "no pain, no gain". They are for promoting internal energy circulation, stretching tendons and exercising joints to promote proper structure and form of the body. They are not for muscle building or weight loss or endurance training. They are calm, slow and highly controlled movements. They can be practiced alone, free of charge, at any time and in anywhere.

Proper body structure and form is vital to health because we need a proper skeleton to house our internal organs so that nothing inside is squashed or displaced. The lack of good structure will cause dropped shoulders, protruding head and neck, crooked spine or collapsed abdomen causing nerve pain, joint pain and muscle pain. Tai-chi, chi-gong, yoga and the different forms of martial art are typical examples. They are for building proper form and structure so that the body parts can be aligned properly. They are for exercising joints, stretching tendons to make them more flexible and promoting proper circulation of blood and qi. Many chronic pains are due to abnormal pressure on the nervous system resulting from structural misalignment. Chinese exercises are most effective in preventing and relieving chronic pains, much quicker than what medicine or food can do. In many instances, proper alignment is crucial in saving lives.  

The followings are information about some easy exercise which we can all learn to do in just one minute but can offer tremendous benefits and healing power. We just need to practice them diligently and the power of self-healing will come into play. Since they are so simple, easy and cost nothing, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying. The power of autotherapy can only be achieved if you are willing to put in your own effort.


Hongchi Xiao - La-Jin & Pai-Da Therapies

Hongchi Xiao or better known as Xiao Hongchi in Chinese came to realize the profound wisdom of Chinese Medicine, in understanding human body and in treating diseases naturally and cost effectively, only after his retirement from the financial world in Wall Street and returned to Hong Kong.

He then spent several years traveling throughout China to learn the lost ancient techniques in Chinese Medicine treatment from the far and few masters who were still around. His specialties now include orthopedics, point therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion. He found that many of these external treatment modalities used in treating illnesses are so quick, effective, inexpensive and easy to learn that they can be taught to almost anyone to help themselves in healing all kinds of ailments and illnesses.

He strongly believes that we can be our own doctor and we should not leave our health only to the rescue of modern medical doctors. In order to help people, especially those who are sick and poor and vulnerable, he has taken on the mission as a teacher to travel all over China, Tibet, Taiwan and Asia teaching people his simple system of self-care called Lai-Jin (stretching) and Pai-Da (slapping) therapy. People can learn the system in just one minute. The exercise is free and it does not require any special instrument or medicine and people can practice it, all by themselves, anytime and anywhere.    

His teaching has achieved phenomenal success and has helped countless of people. Lai-Jin Pai-Da is spreading like wild fire among the Chinese communities in every parts of the world. It is so effective and so easy to learn that we will recommend it to everyone who believes in the power of self-healing. Please take your time to read and understand the theory behind it and it will help you to better understand your body and to take good care of your health.

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Lai-Jin & Pat-Da Therapies Detailed Instruction


Raising Feet Exercise

Do this exercise 15 minutes before going to bed. Firstly, drink 300c.c. of warm water. Then lie down on your back and lift your feet to 90 degree angle between the lower legs and upper legs. Hold on to this position for as long as you can for up to 15 minutes. You may feel sore in your legs and may even sweat but they are all good for you. After the exercise, make sure you drink some more water to help the detoxification process. 

When doing the exercise, focus your intention on the belly button and on the same point at the back. Image the free flow of energy between the two points every time you breathe. This will increase blood and qi circulation, increase oxygen absorption, increase metabolic functions, release pressure on the lungs and promote normal heart functions.

Continue to practice this exercise for up to 3 months and you can reap the following benefits:

1.  Increased detoxification and metabolic functions

Raising feet can help blood to flow quickly from the lower body to the liver, therefore accelerating the detoxification process. Our hypothalamus will produce more enzymes to cope with the increased work load. All these will help the body to increase metabolism, burn more energy, stabilize blood sugar and control weight.  

2.  Enrich cells to promote disease prevention and cure

When we raise our legs, it will help the downward movement of waste materials through the kidney system and large intestine. The increase flow of energy can help to resolve problems such as constipation, menstrual disorder, prostate problems and sexual dysfunctions. This will also enable the good energy to rise to nourish the good cells and to fight off rebellious cancer cells.  

3.  Promote proper alignment of the spine

This exercise can help to release pressure on the spine and tighten up muscle around them. This can release back pain, nerve pain and promote blood circulation and facilitates the building of new bones.

4.  Improve concentration and body tolerance

This exercise requires the whole body to work together to withstand unease and soreness which is good for training the mind to build concentration and memory and increase tolerance level of the body.