The Secrets to Longevity

The essential self-care to achieve longevity


If we care to instil a micro environment of health and observe the following healthy habits, living long and well can be highly achievable. 

1.  Take care of our vital organs according to season 

Season is nature's clock and it dictates the cycle of life on earth. The cycle is an indefinite system of renewal and regeneration. All living beings and things have to live according to the laws of nature or else perish. There is a right time for everything including growing, harvesting, preserving and regeneration for plant. The same also applies to human body system. Spring is the time for developing liver health, summer is for strengthening heart health, late summer is for promoting stomach health, fall is for protecting lung health and winter is for preserving kidney essence. If we can observe this nature time table and do the right thing at the right time, we can promote optimal health and extend life.

2. Align our daily activities according to our internal biological clock

The common mistakes that many people are making and are ruining their health are: eat only when they are hungry, drink only when they are thirsty, lose weight only when they are overweight, sleep only when they are too tired, go to the toilet only when they can no longer hold it in and take care of their health only when they are sick. If we can align our daily routines more systematically and on a healthy schedule, we can prevent many unnecessary health problems. It can make a huge difference in guarding and promoting health.

3.  Eat mostly at home and eat foods that are more alkaline than acidic and low in sugar   

Eat each meal with balanced nutrition (see alkaline food table below) and with at least 25 to 35 grams of whole grains daily because they can provide rich minerals, vitamins and fiber, as well as trace minerals such as copper and zinc which are harder to get from other food sources. Fiber is important for digestive health and keeps bowel moving quickly. It can also make you feel sated so that you don't get hungry so quickly and eat more than you should. Home cooked meals made from scratch are what you should be eating mostly because they are not over-processed, no unhealthy additives, more hygienic and are better in quality and more nourishing for your health. 

4.  Relax, breathe slowly and speak slowly to control stress

Walk quickly to exercise heart. Think quickly to exercise brain. Move bowel quickly to eliminate toxins.  Sleep quickly to allow your body to complete the full cycle of detoxification, regeneration and renewal processes. But when it comes to speaking  and breathing, you should do them slowly so that you are not raising your blood pressure. Staying relaxed is most effective in controlling stress and anger and can increase the production of happy hormones in your body. When you are happy and feeling good, your immune system can perform at its best to protect you from illnesses so you can live long and well.   


Internal Biological Clock Table

Time of Day

Prime Organ in Action  

Best Activities

for health

Best Dietary

Care for health

 7-9 a.m.

Stomach - digestion starts

Do stretching in bed before getting up, walking outdoor 30 min., & stretching 15 min. but not heavy workout.  

Eat breakfast with fresh fruit, good time to eat carb, multi-vitamin, no alcohol.

9-11 a.m.

Spleen - send blood & energy around

Full of energy – best time to work.

Eat fruit before lunch if hungry.

11-1 p.m.

Heart - blood circulation to heart

No strenuous exercise, no alcohol, relax for 30 mins.  after lunch.

Eat 70% full, eat grain 25%, fish/meat 25%, vege.25%, fruit 25%, take some diluted vinegar after lunch. Chew well.

1-3   p.m.

Small Intestine - blood flow intensify to small intestine

Lie down for small nap can improve energy, No crouching for it will inhibit movement in digestive track.

Do not eat cold food after lunch because it will slow down digestion.

3-5   p.m.

Gall Bladder - expel heat and water

Good time to exercise and relax outdoor. 

Drink more tea to replenish water loss.

5-7   p.m.

Kidney - store essence of energy in kidney

 Light exercise before dinner

Eat protein rich food such as egg. fish, meat, shrimp for hormone production. Limit one glass of wine after meal.

7-9   p.m.

Pericardium - adrenal function kicks in

Take shower with alternate hot and cold water (3 times) to promote blood circulation and to improve elasticity of blood vessels.

Take some vinegar after dinner. Eat fruit on empty stomach to increase digestive enzyme.

9-11 p.m.

Triple Burner - lymphatic function kicks in

Turn off TV, computer one hour before bed time.

Meditate for 5 min. before bed.

No food or drink before bed. Dinner should be finished 3 hours before sleep.

11-1 a.m.

Gall Bladder - detoxing

Allow some fresh air to enter the room while sleeping, no electronic near bed.

No food. Eating at this hour will damage gall bladder.

1-3   a.m.

Liver - detoxing, cell regeneration

Must be in deep sleep to enable production of hormones and anti-bodies.


3-5   a.m.

Lung - detoxing

Deep sleep


5-7   a.m.

Large intestine - moving waste.


Stretching 2 min before rise. Move bowel.