The Top 10 Taboos for Health

The top 10 things to avoid for better health


1.  Skipping Breakfast  

Our natural biological clock starts the stomach digestive functions from 7 to 9 a.m. The spleen starts absorbing nutrients from 9 to 11 a.m. to make blood and circulate blood to the rest of the body. When our body engine constantly start the day running on empty or on fume alone, it will severely damage and deplete its normal functions. When the stomach engine which provides fuel to run the whole body is ruined, there will be no more life.

A research done in Germany following 7000 people over a long period of time found that 60% of people not eating breakfast lived an average 2.5 years shorter than those who eat breakfast. Another study on a large group of seniors of 80 to 90 years old found that the secret to their longevity is eating a full nutritional breakfast every day.

2.  Eating Too Big Dinner 

Insulin, responsible for turning excessive blood sugar into fat and insulin level in our body, is at its peak in the evening. If we are regularly eating big meal at dinner, it is like adding fuel to fire and it can easily result in weight gain. Eating big dinner with lots of meat is the deadliest combination to cause indigestion, heart burn, insomnia and gall bladder stone.

Dinner should be light, not more than 30% of daily calorie, should consist mostly of vegetables and should be eaten as least three hours before bed time.

3.  Drinking Too Much Coffee 

Coffee is diuretic and can cause leaking of calcium from bones. Drinking one cup of coffee every day can lower fertility rate by 50%. Coffee can also increase cholesterol and cause irregular heartbeat. For people drinking 5 cups of coffee a day, it can double their chance of having heart attack. And for those who are over 45, their chance is over 70%.

4.  Drinking Too Much Alcohol 

Drinking only one to two glasses of red wine a day can be beneficial to health but drinking too much, especially hard liquor, can cause liver poisoning and gall bladder malfunction. Drinking alcohol on empty stomach or too close to bed time can cause severe damages to blood vessels. Mixing alcohol with processed food such as sausages, which have a lot of preservatives in them, can cause damages to intestinal linings due to chemical reaction with preservatives.

5.  Smoking after Meals

Smoking after meals can increase damages to the body by ten folds or 1000%. It is because after eating, digestion and absorption will be at full speed, blood circulation will be intensified, and it will move toxins throughout the body much faster and more efficiently. 

6.  Using Thermal Cup to Make Tea

Brewing tea in a hot thermal cup with boiling water is like cooking the tea leaves which can destroy all the polyphenols contents and enzymes. And leaving tea leaves in the thermal cup for the whole time can increase caffeine leaking into the tea which is undesirable for health. 

The correct way to make tea is to use tea pot and hot water only at 80℃. Tea should be steeped for only a few minutes and then pour out immediately to serve. 

7.  Always Feasting on Seafood

Nowadays, seafood is highly polluted and has high content of bacteria growth. They have to be cleaned and cooked thoroughly in order to avoid many health risks. Most restaurants do not clean and cook seafood thoroughly because overdoing it can spoil the taste and texture. For people who dine out a lot on seafood, they have much higher risk in contracting food poisoning, liver disease and parasitic disease.

8.  Eating Fruits as Main Meal

Fruits have many vitamins and minerals which are good for health but eating fruits alone as main meal on a regular basis will lead to nutritional imbalance. The lack of protein and other essential nutrients can lead to serious illness. Fruits are high in fructose and can lead to overweight and diabetes.  

9.  Eating Too Fast

Digestion starts in the mouth. For people who are eating too fast and not chewing food long enough, they are leaving all the work to the stomach system and over working it. When people are eating too fast, they tend to eat more than they should before feeling full, therefore causing over eating and overweight.

10.  Not Drinking Enough Water

Pure water is vital in hydrating our body. Other alcoholic drinks or sugary beverages required extra work by the body before they can be used. Many of these drinks do more harm than good. The lack of good water to dilate blood can lead to high blood pressure and blood clot. The lack of water to clean out waste in the digestive tract can lead to constipation, gall bladder stone and kidney dysfunction.