Therapeutic recipes for making natural home remedies for sickness prevention, treatment and cure.

"An old-fashioned vegetable soup, without any enhancement,

is a more powerful anti-carcinogen than any known medicine."

- James Duke M.D.(U.S.D.A.)

This section is for helping you to choose and prepare the most appropriate foods and recipes for anti-aging, repair, regeneration, sickness prevention, treatment and cure.  

Therapeutic foods are unique in the Chinese food culture. They are considered to be the best tonics for health because they combine the nutritional benefits of fresh and natural foods with the additional nutritional and therapeutic effects of superior herbs which cannot be found in food alone. The recipes are designed to achieve the best synergistic healthful benefits. With centuries of finely honed theories and clinical applications on people, most recipes are tried-and-true with every side effect and therapeutic benefit clearly defined and well documented.

Therapeutic foods are actually "prescription" foods for achieving desirable healthful effects. To choose the right recipes, you need to know your body constitution and health condition first. Then matching the symptoms of problem and knowing the nature, characteristics and functional properties of foods are important in the election process. When in doubt, you should consult qualified Chinese doctors or herbalists for help.

Most recipes that we have chosen here are for making teas and soups which are not just simple and easy to make at home, they are also easy for our body to absorb which is crucial especially during sickness. The recipes may take time to cook because of the low heat and slow simmering process. This is necessary for extracting and preserving most of the nutrients from the ingredients used without destroying them if cooked over high heat.

Therapeutic foods are not only good for health; they are delicious and interesting. They can broaden your palette and extend your food experience. Let us all EAT WELL FOR GREAT HEALTH! ENJOY! BON APPETIT!

The 3 Stages of Therapeutic Food Treatment:

Kozzi-vector-image-of-forbidden-sign-367x353.jpg1st Stage - Strict Food Restriction and Balancing

Foods that are contrary to one's health condition are prohibited. Foods that can immediately reduce excesses and improve deficiencies will be used. Usually potent herbs will be added to achieve the desirable effects. This stage will last for days depending on one's body responses.   


Kozzi-vector-image-of-a-tick-sign-and-plus-sign-387x335.jpg2nd Stage - Reinforcing

Once imbalances are under control, foods and herbs of extreme nature will be dropped. This stage will be a longer period of using foods and herbs of reinforcing nature to build up the foundation necessary to support a stronger conformation to help the body to repair, recover and regenerate. 


Kozzi-vector-image-of-a-house-logo-727x714.jpg3rd Stage - Maintenance

After health is restored, it is necessary to use beneficial foods and herbs periodically to further support the body to secure health and to prevent relapses. 


The Prerequisites for Eating for Health

To eat for optimal health, firstly we must follow the following 8 principles of " do no harm before even considering functional foods for specific health benefits. Without the basic healthy eating disciplines which are necessary to provide the body with the favourable environment to promote health, all other efforts will be wasted.  

Eat only up to 70% full at meals. This will lessen the burden on our digestive system and will also prevent overweight.  

Digestion starts in the mouth. It is important to chew well before swallowing to promote easy digestion, faster transit of food and quick absorption of nutrients.  

Do not eat over-processed foods, food substitutes, faux foods, unhygienic foods, spoiled foods, farmed foods with unnatural feed, foods with heavy contaminants and chemicals. Eat only quality, fresh and whole food prepared from scratch.

Our body can perform at its best with regularity. Eating regularly three meals per day with breakfast between 7-9 a.m., lunch between 11-1 p.m. and dinner between 5-7 p.m., can best align with our body clock and give our digestive system a routine schedule to work and rest. This schedule will also ensure a constant supply of nutrients to fuel our body functions without putting it through either famine or feast. Besides, eating and snacking too often throughout the day can easily cause more cavities in our teeth.   

Eating food too hot can harm the digestive tract and cause cancer. Eating food too cold can set back the digestive function because our body has to raise the temperature in the stomach to 2 degrees above normal in order to digest food. Eating food warm or at room temperature can best support easy digestion and promote healthy gut.    

Eat food bland with as little seasoning as possible will lessen the burden on our spleen, kidney and liver to balance out the harmful effects of too much sugar, salt and spices.

Too much of the good thing can be bad. Eating food for variety and in moderation is the best way to obtain balanced nutrition. Relying on supplementation does not always work because the isolated nutrients without the other components, such as fiber, may not be well absorbed by the body. That is why whole food is the best source of nutrients for health. For healthy and older people, they can do well just by eating mostly fresh and healthy whole foods. For people with imbalanced conditions, using superior herbs to correct the conditions is necessary. Once the equilibrium is reached, all extreme herbs should be discontinued before the pendulum swings too far to the other side.     

It is important to eat according to one’s age and health conditions. Children should eat highly nutritional, easy-to-digest foods and with bland taste which will not overwork their kidney and liver functions. Seniors should eat simple, bland and easy-to-digest food, and choose foods that are warm in nature to benefit overall health. Women should choose more blood tonics to replenish frequent losses. Men should eat more protein-rich foods to maintain muscle growth and strength.

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