Natural and herbal remedy recipes for relieving constipation



Constipation is a very common problem to most people due to the inadequacy of modern diet with low roughage and lack of water intake. Liver dysfunction, constant worrying and old age are among other common causes.

Constipation can lead to food stagnation and fermentation in the intestines causing many health problems such as bad breath, indigestion, gas, obesity, bowel and colon cancer. A diet rich in fiber and roughage such as fruits and vegetables is most effective in preventing constipation. Exercise can promote movement of food in the intestines. Plenty of water and vitamin C can soften stools. Pineapple, high in fiber and contains manganese, is very effective in promoting digestion and passing of foods. Dried plum or plum juice are also very effective in relieving constipation.

Chinese medicine regards constipation as blood deficiency, energy stagnation or excessive large intestinal heat. Cooling foods and high fiber vegetables such as bamboo shoot, sweet potato, cabbage, eggplant, spinach, rhubarb and Chinese bok-choy can solve the problem. A glass of water upon waking up in the morning is most effective in cleansing intestines and softening stools. Avoid lotus seed, chilly, garlic and fatty foods, which can cause constipation.

Sweet Potato Fast

Sweet potato is the super food for health. It has twice the vitamin E of brown rice. It is rich in vitamin C, B, potassium, beta carotene and fiber and is excellent for lowering cholesterol, promoting digestive health, preventing constipation and cleaning out toxic waste accumulated in large intestines.

Taking sweet potato fast is the most effective and healthy approach to weight loss and excellent in preventing stomach and colon cancer. It is recommended to take the fast for up to three days consecutively for people who are heavily bloated and constipated. For continuous weight loss, eat mostly sweet potato at dinner with vegetables. For long-term maintenance, taking the fast once a week is recommended.

The fast is to eat a total of 1 kg. of baked sweet potato in a day as main meals. You can bake it or boil, and eat with some onion, cucumber and tomato as side dish but nothing else. You will see the immediate result the next day. You will find continuous improvement to your health when eating sweet potato daily.  


All Constipation Recipes:

The Five Seeds Drink (5301)

Relieve constipation

Pine Nut Congee (5302)

Treat constipation due to lack of energy especially for seniors

Cannabis Seeds Congee (5303)

Treat habitual constipation, the lack of body fluid for seniors or the lack of energy after sickness

Boiled Spinach with Sesame Oil (5304)

Treat lack of fiber and internal heat type constipation

Wood Ear and Sea Cucumber Soup (5305)

Treat habitual constipation

Sea Cucumber and Beanstalk Soup (5306)

Treat habitual constipation especially for older people

Peach Kernel, Mushroom and Chicken Soup (5307)

Treat deficiency syndrome of constipation with fatigue, dizziness, night sweats

Pig Heart & Banana Soup (5308)

Treat lack of energy to move qi downward and moving bowel after prolong sickness

Dang-gui Pig Pancreas Soup (5309)

Invigorate energy, lubricate intestines and ease constipation

Snow Pea, Water Chestnut and Jelly Fish Soup (5310)

Treat excessive internal heat causing constipation

Black Sesame Dessert (5311)

Lubricate dryness to ease bowel movement

Honey Banana Dessert (5312)

Sooth big intestine and help to move bowel quickly